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Oxsensis produces non-electrical sensor systems that allow airframe and engine manufacturers to monitor pressure, temperature, acceleration, optical position and speed within aerospace systems. The move to optical sensing across multiple systems creates the opportunity for multi-channel opto-electronic interrogation to save weight, cost, space and reduce the burden of safety. 

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Power generation

The need for acceptable operational performance of land based gas turbines from pollutant emissions and electricity grid balancing perspectives are making new demands on combustion sensor performance. Oxsensis high temperature optical sensors simultaneously measure combustion pressure and temperature in the liner wall.

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Oil & gas


Down-hole applications exploit the excellent performance of optical sensors during the typically high pressure and temperature down-hole environment, or long distance communication requirements in gas pipelines. No down-hole or pipeline electronics are required, the sensors are intrinsically safe and immune to electromagnetic interference. 

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Reciprocating engines

Developments in gas turbine engines or internal combustion engines for marine vessel propulsion  have a common requirement for the measurement of pressure and temperature in hot, hostile environments, ideal territory for Oxsensis optical sensors. 

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The nuclear industry offers some of the most challenging environments for the reliable operation and use of characterisation and monitoring instrumentation. The extreme challenges faced during decommissioning activities are creating opportunities for the nuclear industry to adopt innovative optical sensor solutions developed in parallel industries. 

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Collaborative development

Oxsensis specialises in adapting optical sensor technology to solve industry challenges and capitalise on opportunities. We have developed unique and patented optical sensor technology that is exploited through collaborative sensor development programmes with our blue chip clients. 

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