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Optical sensor systems enable EMI immune monitoring of pressure, temperature and rotational speed within flight systems, including fuels systems and landing gear. The move to optical sensing across multiple systems saves weight, cost, space and reduces the burden of safety.

Flight system sensors
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Power generation

The environmental performance of land-based gas turbines is making new demands on combustor and compressor sensor performance. Oxsensis high temperature optical sensors are placed on the engine for optimal measurement of dynamic pressure fluctuations. Simultaneously pressure and temperature options are also available.

Gas turbine sensors

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Oil & gas

High temperature environments, typically found in SAGD wells, exploit the excellent thermal performance of Oxsensis optical pressure/temperature sensors, which are stable, intrinsically safe and immune to electromagnetic interference. 

PT/TT sensors
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Reciprocating engines

The further development of low emission engines requires the measurement of pressure in hot, hostile environments. Dynamic pressure sensor comparisons in diesel engine exhausts show that Oxsensis offers a small, non-cooled, cost effective alternative to cooled piezo-electric sensor options. Oxsensis seeks industrial partnerships to commercialise this application.

Optical sensors
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