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About Oxsensis


Oxsensis Ltd. was formed in 2003 as a spin-out from Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire. Its sensor technology is based on the micro-machining of super resistant materials such as single-crystal sapphire (melting point >2000°C) together with innovative fibre optic interrogation techniques which gives high sensitivity and immunity from electro-magnetic interference (EMI) effects common in turbo-machinery such as gas turbines. Our successes so far include:

Proof of technology

  • WavePhire™ sensors demonstrated >1000°C in gas turbine combustor conditions
  • Dynamic pressure measured to 2x10-5 of Full Scale in 0-10 bar, 0-25 bar, 0-60 bar applications
  • Simultaneous measurement of dynamic and static pressure, with temperature, demonstrated up to 1000°C in gas turbine engines
  • Sensors are EMI Immune 

Endurance demonstration in  gas turbines

  • Over six year utility power generation operation to date
  • Instrumentation experience on over 7 industrial and aero gas turbines to date
  • Industrial gas turbine OEM New Product Introduction

Our production areas are semi-clean rooms dedicated to optical component fabrication and sensor assembly. The Test Laboratory is fully equipped to test and calibrate sensors. High frequency dynamic pressure testing is accomplished using our Shock Tube facility and our Environmental Chamber allows us to fully evaluate system stability.

Oxsensis sensor assembly

Oxsensis sapphire processing
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