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20 December 2018
The European Turbine Network (ETN) 2018 R&D Report details the evolving role of Gas Turbine technology in support of the rapid introduction of renewable power generation alternatives.  The essential used of gas turbine as part of the energy mix during the transition to zero carbon energy production requires new instrumentation for machine protection as well as the continuous reduction of NOx emissions. Oxsensis optical dynamic pressure sensors are cited as a key technology for real-time monitoring of combustion processes. [Read more]
01 October 2018
Ian Macafee, CEO, attended the Saudi Aramco Middle East Rotating Machinery Technology and Innovation Conference, Dubai, UAE. The conference brought together experts to share new ideas, technology advancements aimed at enhancing refinery performance and reliability. [Read more]
01 October 2018
At the Optical Society of America (OSA) meeting in September we reported progress we have made towards a sapphire Fabry-Perot cavity based fibre optical temperature sensor that is capable of operating at elevated temperatures > 1000°C for prolonged periods of time. [Read more]
23 July 2018
CEO, Ian Macafee, explains how the ATI helps Oxsensis bring harsh environment instrumentation for aeroengines and airframes to a sector that takes ten years to get entry into service for any new technology.  [Read more]
23 July 2018
Oxsensis Ltd. has been approved by LRQA  to AS 9100D for the design, development and manufacture of optical instrumentation used in harsh environments. [Read more]
13 July 2018
The MORPHEUS collaboration between Parker Aerospace and Oxsensis has successfully demonstrated the application of optical sensors for the measurement of Valve position, Fuel Pump pressure and Fuel Pump shaft speed. The MORPHEUS pressure switch technology will increase in the reliability of the fuel pump monitoring to reduce instances of erroneous fuel pump failure events. This drop-in replacement for the existing technology, with no change to aircraft configuration, is able to address existing issues on today’s aircraft fleet.

Oxsensis has developed AS9100D manufacturing infrastructure in its new facility Harwell in Oxfordshire to deliver its Aerospace and Power generation optical instrumentation products. [Read more]
09 July 2018
Understanding the critical importance of in-flight fuel monitoring and continuously striving to advance aerospace technology, the Fluid Systems Division of Parker Aerospace has teamed with Oxsensis Ltd., the manufacturer of optical instrumentation used in harsh environments, to develop a unique optical-based system that will transform and simplify the next generation of aircraft fuel measurement systems. This new technology is expected to reduce installation time and maintenance costs with fewer components. [Read more]
5th IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Aerospace
04 July 2018
Oxsensis Ltd. attended the 5th IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Aerospace in Rome (Italy) on 20-22/06/2018
Dr. Alberto Sposito presented a poster on “Optical pressure sensor for landing gear”, describing the working principle and the initial test results of a passive optical sensor, developed within the ASHLEY project for measuring very high pressure in the Oleo-strut shock-absorber of aircraft. Our internal verification tests demonstrated that our sensor prototype can survive and operate accurately and reliably up to 350 bar.
17 May 2018
Farnborough International Air show 2018 [Read more]
17 May 2018
Oxsensis Ltd. attended SPIE Photonics Europe in Strasbourg on 22-26/04/2018 [Read more]

Oxsensis optical sensors and Centrax Gas Turbines for clean energy 

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