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Aerospace Gas turbine sensors

Our 1800°F/1000°C pressure and temperature sensors have been used by all major gas turbine development teams. Optical dynamic pressure sensor systems are now available to characterise gas turbine combustor and compressor systems in new ways. We have a range of sensors to suit all engines and signal conditioning equipment and offer multi-measurand optical sensors (dynamic pressure, static pressure and temperature concurrently from a singe sensor) to extend functionality.

Combustor monitoring

High temperature operation capability of optical combustion sensors provides higher fidelity, more reliable operation and simplification by not requiring wave-guides. EMI immunity reduces weight and wiring complexity.

Optical sensors

Compressor monitoring

Compressor Active Stability Management (CASM) Sensor is being developed with GE to directly detect impending stalls for GE compressors.


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Blade tip monitoring

Working with Oxford University, OTFL, we are developing a blade tip monitoring sensor. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


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