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Collaborative development

Oxsensis specialises in adapting optical sensor technology to solve industry challenges and capitalise on opportunities. We have developed unique and patented optical sensor technology that is exploited through collaborative sensor development programmes with our clients.

Our sensors are designed for precision measurement and control in super-harsh environments such as those found in power generation, aero engines and airframes, oil and gas production and exploration, industrial processing and heavy transport.

By developing core optical background IP once, then repeatedly incorporating it in carefully selected complementary programmes alongside programme-specific foreground IP, Oxsensis spreads the R&D costs and thereby helps to make ground breaking optical sensor technology cheaper and faster to market. 

Bespoke sensor for target industries

Ten years ago, Oxsensis was invited by a major aerospace company  to tackle the most challenging instrumentation applications in gas turbines and aerospace. We did so by combining the best optical technology from the telecoms sector with new harsh environment sensor structures and techniques. 

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Why partner with us?

Today we partner with major companies from a number of industries to develop applications of our unique optical sensor technology to realise opportunities within their programmes. This  creates a ‘virtuous circle’ with programme specific foreground IP jointly exploited with  our partners, as well as enhancing the core optical background IP base, which we then apply in complementary programmes. 

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"Our partnership model causes unique optical sensor systems to exist that are capable of releasing customer programme value".
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