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AT1000™ acceleration transducer 
High temperature optical accelerometer

The high temperature performance of conventional accelerometers is limited by the need to have signal pre-amplification on the sensor to achieve acceptable sensitivity. The new AT1000™ accelerometer is an innovative  optical product that removes this limitation by locating the optoelectronics to the other end of a fibre optic cable, which could be tens of metres away from the transducer. The high temperature performance is therefore only limited by the materials properties of the optical elements.

The AT1000™ sensor head comprises an a-Phire™ acceleration sensor. Developed as part of project STARGATE, the AT1000™ is now available either for sale, or as a technology platform for collaborative sensor development for bespoke applications.


Oxsensis is developing a new high temperature optical accelerometer as part of a consortium which includes Rolls-Royce, Siemens and Snecma for gas turbine engines.

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