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Oxsensis produces non-electrical sensor systems that allow airframe and engine manufacturers to monitor pressure, temperature, acceleration, optical position and speed within aerospace systems. The move to optical sensing across multiple systems creates the opportunity for multi-channel opto-electronic interrogation to save weight, cost, and space. Collaborative developments are underway for advanced aircraft avionics, landing gear, and wheel and brake systems.

Gas Turbines

Oxsensis directly instruments aero engines, providing previously inaccessible pressure and temperature data from the hottest permanent instrumentation locations yet achieved.

Gas turbines

Fuel Systems

The increased use of composites in wing and tank structures is placing new demands on fuel systems and increasing the burden of safety. Optical sensors deliver EMI immunity.

Fuel Systems

Landing Gear Wheels & Brakes

Optical landing gear sensor systems satisfy next generation requirements for EMI immune sensing using a universal interrogator that drives mutiple sensor types.

Landing Gear Wheels and Brakes

Bespoke sensors

Our unique and patented optical sensor technology platforms are exploited through collaborative sensor development programmes with our blue-chip aero clients.

Bespoke sensors

Oxsensis optical sensors and Centrax Gas Turbines for clean energy 

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