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Reciprocating engines Optical sensors

Developments in gas turbine engines, or internal combustions (IC) engines, for marine vessel propulsion have a common requirement for pressure and temperature monitoring in hot, hostile environments; ideal territory for Oxsensis optical sensors. We have two target applications:

  1. IC engine development test instrumentation and, 
  2. medium speed/slow speed diesel production instrumentation.

‚ÄčOur sensors and signal processing are derived from aerospace and gas turbine instrumentation so many of the challenges for advanced engine R&D instrumentation have been addressed.  Oxsensis sensors offer optical multiple measurand capability (dynamic pressure, static pressure and temperature) at high temperatures and pressure, small packaging and zero local electronics.

Turbochargers and exhausts

The environment where the sensor has to operate is in many ways similar to gas turbine combustors and exhaust, where Oxsensis has been pioneering optical sensor innovation for 10 years. Sensors are offered for direct real time multi-measurand measurement.

In-cylinder (diesel)

Optical sensors provide the potential for enhanced high bandwidth pressure and temperature diagnostics within the combustion zone of diesel engines. Oxsensis seeks engine OEM partnerships to transfer its sensor technology from gas turbine to internal combustion applications


Oxsensis is developing high speed, high temperature instrumentation and adapting it to address measurement challenges in engine exhaust ports, helping to fuel consumption and pollution
Optical sensors for engine performance

Oxsensis optical sensors and Centrax Gas Turbines for clean energy 

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