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Space Optical sensors for space propulsion systems

Ion-thruster satellite propulsion systems generate an extreme electromagnetic and thermal environment for a temperature sensor. Optical sensors provide an alternative approach for gathering data in these type of environments where the use of electrical sensors cannot be contemplated. Current optical technology platforms include:
  1. very sensitive pressure measurements for aviation fuel weight measurement
  2. temperature only measurement for aircraft braking systems and satellite ion-thrusters
  3. rotation and axial position of pumps and valves
  4. accelerometers

Project OASES

Aircraft brakes can reach is excess of 1000°C during emergency braking. Oxsensis is working with Meggitt Sensing systems are Airbus to produce a photon sensor solution.

Project OASES

Space Propulsion Innovation

Oxsensis and Surrey Satellite Centre won second prize at the UKSEDS Space Propulsion Innovation Award for applying photon sensor solutions to ion-thruster applications.

Space Propulsion Innovation Award


Chris Wood, R & T Team Leader of Airbus said, “Developing this technology now will provide UK’s aerospace industry with key intellectual property.....” 

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