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Optical Sensor Systems for harsh environments

Oxsensis produces non-electrical sensor systems that enable accurate, high sensitivity, measurements to be made at the extremes of electromagnetic interference and temperature (beyond 1,000oC/1,800oF). Instrumentation for real-time measurement of variables that include static pressure, dynamic pressure, temperature, acceleration, rotational position and rotational speed are either commercially available as standard products, or the subject of a collaborative development programme. Our multi-channel, multi-measurand, opto-electronic interrogators and sensors save you weight, cost, and space.

Pressure Transducer Systems

Oxsensis PT Series optical pressure sensors are designed for EMI immune monitoring of dynamic pressure, static pressure and temperature in harsh environments. 

Pressure Transducers

Temperature Transducer Systems

Our TT series Temperature Transducer products are aimed at thermocouple replacements for measuring fast temperature changes at extremes of temperature.

Temperature Transducers

Acceleration, rotational speed and position sensors

Oxsensis high temperature optical acceleration sensors are being developed for frame gas turbine applications in order to position the sensor nearer to critical components. 

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