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Optical Static Pressure Sensors  PT3000™ Series

Accurate gauging of static pressure requires a knowledge of the sensor temperature to correct for pressure-temperature cross-talk. Oxsensis PT3000™ series optical sensors concurrently measure both static pressure and temperature changes within the optical element, eliminating uncertainty. The use of a passive optical element manufactured from resistant materials such as sapphire or silica makes Oxsensis sensors especially suited to hostile environment pressure gauging. 

Oxsensis welcomes industrial partnerships to commercialise the following applications:

Aircraft landing gear oleo struts require rugged EMI immune pressure sensors - optical sensors are ideal for this environment.

PT3100h™ data sheet

Extreme accuracy static pressure gauge makes use of Oxsensis EMI immune, intrinsically safe thermally compensated optical sensor technology.

PT3100xa™ data sheet


For combined Pressure and Temperature sensing in high temperature down-hole applications using Micron Optics Hyperion™ interrogators.

PT5100m™ data sheet

Optical temperature compensated static pressure measurement for aircraft fuel pumps.

PT3100p™ data sheet
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