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TT1000™ Series Temperature Transducers Fibre-optic  sensing at the extremes of temperature


t-Phire™ optical temperature sensor developments are providing solutions for extremely harsh applications by exploiting the well characterised optical and thermal properties of sapphire crystal. Our i-Phire™ 300 Series interrogators have been developed to accurately measure the optical path length within sapphire to better than one nanometer, in application conditions. With careful choice of the sensor geometry and substrait thickness, fast, reliable and accurate measurements of temperature are becoming increasingly accessible for airframe and engine applications.

Optical Temperature Transducer

Fast temperature measurements at extremes of temperature using sapphire optical sensor technology.

TT1000™ Data Sheet

Project OASES

Aircraft brakes can reach in excess of 1000°C during emergency braking. Oxsensis is working with Meggitt Sensing Systems to produce a photonic sensor solution.

Project OASES

Oxsensis optical sensors and Centrax Gas Turbines for clean energy 

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